Tushiv presents wide array of three dimensional wall mounted holographic sculptures and other decorative masterpieces available in different theme, price and size category. The finest masterpieces are derived through a patented ancient Indonesian technique and using eco-friendly materials like poly fiber composition, recycled brass and aluminum or recycled gypsum and the frames are made from a variety of finest Indonesian wood and medium density fiberboard or using volcanic ash and black sandstones. Each piece of work has the personal touch of the sculptor and emanates tranquility, that it's got the heart and soul of the artiste who created it.
To distill the best of an era and transform it into a timeless icon is the infinitely delicate task of Tushiv’s experts. With their designs, they must evoke emotions that are as lasting as the movements themselves. From the first pencil sketch to the finished piece, the objective is always to find the perfect balance between classicism and modernity. Only what is deemed worthy will bear the Tushiv signature.