Imagine sculptures focusing their attention on you and your movements ... Imagine being able to appreciate sculptures not only from the front but from a wide angle ... Imagine Art connecting with you!!!

The Tushiv group presents 3 Dimensional Holographic Sculptures that appear to move as you move pass them!!!

Using a combination of traditional Indonesian craftsmanship, design and a special patented and copy right protected handmade technique, the Tushiv group offers a very unique form of artwork. These 3D Holographic Sculptures are hand crafted, hand painted and hand finished using various eco-friendly materials like recycled poly fiber composition, recycled brass and aluminium and/or gypsum stone.

They are presented in wall framed using some of the finest Indonesian wood, some are offered in medium density fiber board frames and with bases created from volcanic ash and black sandstones.

Tushiv's highly skilled master sculptures, artists and craftspeople devote themselves to bringing life to the 3 D Holographic Sculptures they create. From sublime to stunning effects, these 3 D sculptures instill an immediate sense of peace and tranquility bringing a very calming effect to all that view them and to their space in which they are presented.

The Tushiv group has evolved from a small company established in Singapore in 1996 to the current structure of 3 different companies in 3 different countries:

P.T. Tushiv Indonesia - A Bali, Indonesia based company which is the production workshop. It employs about 50 master sculptures, artist, craftspeople lead by a very abled management and staff in 3 different facilities spread over about 6000 square feet.

Tushiv International (Pte) Ltd - A Singapore based company, which is the global head office of the group. It has a retail and export showroom and a warehouse facility to support the sales and logistics.

Tushiv Trading Pvt Ltd - A Mumbai, India based company. It is the exclusive importer and master distributor of the Tushiv collection and currently operates 2 showrooms in Mumbai and a large warehouse to support retails and wholesale trade within India.

Creation 1

Creation 2

Finishing 1

Finishing 2

Finishing 3

Packaging 1

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